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I am pleased to be offering one-on-one sessions for those who would like to take their ceramic sculpture practice up a notch!

Sessions are completely customizable depending on your skill level and specific learning goals. We can spend time critiquing your work, I can prepare a personalized demo's, we can talk professional practices... whatever your need, we will work together to structure time and topics to serve you! 

I take all ability levels, but mentees must have a space of their own to make and fire work - I am able to give demonstrations in my studio, but do not have space to share workspace with students. (I can give recommendations for studio and kiln rentals in the greater Bozeman, MT area.)

Mentoring sessions are available in-person (*masked with current COVID-19 precautions) for those located in Bozeman MT and the immediate surrounding towns. Zoom sessions can be arranged for students farther away, so don't let distance be an issue if this is an opportunity you're interested in!

I am available on a range from one-time sessions, to as frequently as once weekly. Because of the open and customizable format I am allowing, please fill out a contact form, or email me at to talk specifics on pricing, and schedule availability. Working with mentees is a true joy for me, I can't wait to hear from you! 


Mentee Testimonials:

“Mya Cluff is an excellent ceramic artist and teacher. I first came to know Mya through admiring her works on social media. When it came time for me to begin a new project, I knew I needed support, and was delighted that Mya offered mentoring. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and offers helpful objective feedback. I worked with Mya for six months with several mentoring sessions. With her guidance and expertise I was able to successfully bring my idea to fruition. The one-on-one attention from a highly skilled and patient teacher is invaluable. Of all the art instructors I’ve had, Mya has been the best. I highly recommend Mya’s mentoring services for ceramic artists looking to improve their skills.“

        - Lindsay Johnson, July 2022

"I have been working with Mya for 4 months now, meeting every two or three weeks.  It is hard to overstate how much my skills have improved under her mentorship... She’s helped me put into words what I want my art to say, has given advice on tools, and sends me links to other resources I might find useful... Since the pandemic started, I’ve been aggressive in seeking out help to learn ceramics and have taken classes and watched demonstrations by many prominent ceramics artists.  Nothing has provided me with as much value as working with Mya. She’s smart, organized, a terrific instructor, incredibly intuitive when it comes to the figure, and a real pleasure to work with."

     - Chris Stoddard, December 2020

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