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The maternal experience is striking, unkempt, complicated, and multifaceted.


My experience as Mother directly informs my work. It was my sudden and unexpected transition into being a parent that inspired my exploration of the maternal. From the beginning I interrogated my reality: looking at the softened, nostalgic and tame cultural view of the “normal” experience of being a mother, and saw it for what it was; a dramatic transformation. I continue a thread of questioning in my work further exploring the boundaries, moments of shifting, and blurred relationships between mother and child, and mother and self. I dive into the life and death cycle inherent in creation. I dissect how motherhood can cause an identity crisis by blurring a woman’s understanding of where she as her original self ends, and where she as mother begins. I’m inspired by body politics and by maternal lineage. I am struck by every individual and varied story of motherhood I come across, and how they all have a dizzying commonality of exploration, renewal and loss.


My artwork, primarily driven by depictions of the female body, aims to take back the narrative of the mother from centuries of idealization and outsider perspectives. Day after day as I return to the studio, I remain thrilled to examine the endless nuances of this age old, and fascinating mantel of the human saga. 

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