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"On The Cusp"

Ceramic, paint, gilding

h 34",  w 23",  d 15"



Birth occurs everyday all over the world, in as many places and scenarios as you could imagine. It is commonplace and expected. Just another part of life. Yet for every woman who has the experience of childbirth, her world shifts in unimaginable ways. Ushered in by the pain of labor, a threshold is crossed when one world becomes two. The baby crowns, and in just a moment excruciating pain crosses into a new reality. “On the Cusp” is commemorative of that last moment before new life enters. Her body shows the dark vastness of space, full of the unknown, with constellations speckled throughout that act as familiar emblems. As a baby is born, so is a mother. Those guiding stars begin to form new meanings along her individual venture on one of the most common human experiences.

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